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Add a custom, one-of-a-kind piece of art to your collection. Each piece is of the highest quality, and all pieces are hand-made.
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one-of-a-kind art

custom furniture and artistic wood turning and carving

I live on a wooded piece of land in upper Bucks County, PA. This was a deliberate action to live among the trees, the raw material of my passion. Being close to these giants has instilled a sense of respect and love for nature. My artistic view is most often toward the beauty of all things natural.

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Award-winning craft

critically acclaimed and beautifully skilled works

As a master woodworker, Michael is able to craft the most intricate designs. From boxes to lamps and furniture to home decor, there is something available for everyone. Many of these high quality, handmade wood turned pieces are available to buy. As a result, you can own these masterful works of craftsmanship.
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