Woodworking Courses

You are invited to come to spend a peaceful weekend of woodturning or woodcarving in my modern studio on quality equipment, on our 11-acre wooded plot just outside Quakertown PA.

Woodturning Classes

Learn to turn bowls and embellishment techniques with an emphasis on artistic design. I offer hands-on direction in a friendly atmosphere, to guide you, with plenty of individual attention. Join the hundreds of students who have advanced their turning and artistic skills through my courses since the mid-nineties.

What you’ll learn

Woodcarving Classes

Come spend the weekend learning about shaping wood into something beautiful. We will work on project-based learning of sharp-edged tools. For those interested in power carving I offer the use of state-of-the-art micromotor carvers to work on a variety of projects. I’ll show you how to create your very own sculptural artwork.

What you’ll learn

Individual Instruction

The class is $650.00 for an 8-hour day plus $50 lab fee.
This is a full-day session designed to help you achieve your objective. I offer this for those who want one-on-one interaction for a more focused approach to learning about woodworking. This class is tailored to suit you, the pupil. I will pay special attention to your needs and skills. This is a very satisfying way to learn.

In Person and Remote Demos: $400 for 1.5 to 2 hour club demo

Classes & Demonstrations 1

Burn texturing

Classes & Demonstrations 2

Carving leaves on turned objects

Classes & Demonstrations 3

Celtic drinking horn

Classes & Demonstrations 4

Fire sanding

Classes & Demonstrations 5

Inside-out Turning

Classes & Demonstrations 6

Basic bowls

Classes & Demonstrations 7


Classes & Demonstrations 8

Textured Sphere

Classes & Demonstrations 9

Creativity in Embellished Turning

Workshops for Clubs

These workshops can be on any of the demos listed above.

2 day weekend workshops

Basic Bowl Turning

This workshop is designed for the beginning to intermediate woodturner. We will start with a log and work our way through the process of creating a beautiful bowl. Emphasis will be on tool control and design.

Basic Spindle Turning

With the beginning to intermediate turner in mind, this session will be a project driven class. Students will have the chance to learn how to make a variety of spindle oriented turnings including but not limited to bud vase, ornament, mushroom, goblet, candlestick, small lidded container, etc.


This event is more suited for the intermediate to advanced turner that wants to take their turning to the next level. I’d like to have each student start with the same theme, and I’ll aide each of you in designing and creating a piece to fit this theme. This technique (creative limitation) is very useful in unlocking your creative mind. Your imagination brought to life. The sky is the limit here, we’ll use whatever materials are needed to create your individual work of art, (as long as I have them), or you could bring materials you wish to use. If need be there are art supply stores nearby.

Surface Treatment

Here I would like the intermediate to advanced students to bring a wooden item to decorate, or you could turn something here. We ’ll work on overall design of the surface, then create textures and color, maybe even add some copper or other foreign material to enhance your piece. We can use burn textures, carving tools, or flame, just to name a couple of options.

Individual Instruction

This is a full day session designed to help you achieve your objective. I Offer this for those who want one on one interaction For a more focused approach to learning about woodworking. This class is tailored to suit you the pupil. I will pay special attention to your particular needs and skills.