decorative pot

Fire and Nice

3.5″ x 5″


Cherry box burn, textured, painted with interference colors and acrylics, with copper overlay.

Bat Burl Shelf

12″ x 18″
Walnut bats inlaid into burl backing with ash shelves
cave disk

Cave Disk

8″dia. x 2″ thick
Craved through for that hollow feeling
wood cutting board

Cutting Boards

various sizes
$40.00 to $100.00
Perfect boards for your cooking experience, custom made for you
bee sculpture

Don’t Gogh

5″ x 3″


I created this piece to shed light on the honey bee colony collapse syndrome.

Dragon Tea

6″ x 12″ x 8″


This is a dovetailed box with a turned top. It is textured and colored, with copper overlay
salamanders and leaves

Entrance to the underworld

14″ dia x 5″h


This hollow vessel is carved with 22 salamanders and many leaves.


Eternal Flame Urn

6″ dia. x 13″h


The flame lid of this piece is threaded into the body. It is textured colored and copper overlayed.

Fire Water

8.5” x 9” x 3”


Fire water, made from linden wood, cherry, copper with steel nails and leather, is burn textured and colored with gilders paste. The drinking horn was common among norther European tribes at least as far back as the early 800’s a.d. My interpretation of this ubiquitous item is titled ‘Fire Water’ the copper flames and water theme textured into it represent the spirit of the lives of these nomadic warrior peoples.

Gaelic Revelry

6″ x 7″ x 2.5″


The era of early ninth century Northern Europe where tribes lived on the edge, fought hard, and celebrated even harder was my inspiration for this series of Celtic drinking horns. The pattern of everyday life etches itself on the faces of these rough and tumble warrior peoples, as I have etched the pattern on this vessel. Every man had his auroch bull horn which he used to wash down the dust of the day and celebrate the highlights of life. The elders and Chiefs would have had their cup ornately decorated to show status. This patterned cup depicts the lineage and accomplishments of its owner.

Medium Oak Vessel

5″ x 5″


Hollow Vessel
osage boxes

Osage Boxes

various sizes

$40.00 to $60.00

These little boxes make a great little gift for that someone special
paduk sphere

Paduk Sphere

4″ x 8″


The perfectly smooth sphere is contrasted by the sandblasted texture of the stand
paleo sphere

Paleo Sphere

3″ x 4″


This spherical box textured with shapes and patterns to resemble fossils of the sea floor.
red elm burl

Red Elm Burl Vessel

14″ dia x 8″h


sand blasted hollow vessel with wing
sandstone brick


3.5″ x 9″


sand blasted hollow vessel, bleached

Scaithan Leathair Lair

6″ x 6″ x 3″


The drinking horn was common among norther European peoples in the first millennium. Scaithan Leathair is the Gaelic term for leather wing, (bat). The cave formations fashioned from copper alludes to my interest in caving.
Items For Sale 1

Sea Foam Box

4″ x 4″ x 2″


Square but turned on a lathe. This box is textured with shapes and patterns to evoke images of a long lost fossils from the sea.
Items For Sale 2

Searching For Peace

12″ x 26″ x 18″


In the wake of a horrible tragedy that occurred on June 17, 2015 at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church In Charleston, South Carolina, nine lives were silenced. The nine white lilies emerging from the blackness of evil represent those souls searching for everlasting life with the light of God shining from within each. May they find that peace. The base of SEARCHING FOR PEACE is made of buckeye burl, sandblasted and painted with acrylics.
Items For Sale 3


various sizes
$20.00 to $50.00
Ladles spoons and spatulas of all sizes to suit your needs.
Items For Sale 4

Sun Ray Miners lamp

3″ x 2.5″
These lamps are made to exacting specifications and copied from real original antique miners lamps. It has threads and comes apart just like the original. I’ve copied many lamps over the years and the Sun Ray is one beautiful lamp.
Items For Sale 5

Three Bat Box

7″ x 12″ x 5″


The exquisite grain of this curly maple sets this box apart. Three walnut bats adorn the lid and bring good luck to those who use it.
Items For Sale 6

Torched Oak Vessel

6.5″ d


This vessel was turned into a near spherical shape while it was still green, then left to dry and warp into the natural organic shape it is now. It was then torched to accent the grain and texture. finish is applied afterward.

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